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The first time I went to a Dominican market, I saw people wearing all kinds of fancy jewelry on their faces. And I was confused because these people seemed so strange and out of place to me. And then they ahorrita got into the market and there were these weirdos doing their makeup and they weren't like these guys wearing all this stuff. I was like, "Well, why do they wear all this stuff?" They looked like they were just looking for a friend. So I had this question on my mind: "Is the Dominican Republic a really beautiful country? Is there a way I could go to the Dominican Republic and look like a lot of these people look like?" And I decided to go to Dominican City and find out. So I went to the airport and the next day I was in the city. I stayed there for four weeks and then I moved into a dorm, which is my little studio, and I went to college. And it was a long process. I did everything from studying to finding a job, doing all the things I'm doing now, and I realized I was ready. So I came back to New York in February and did the whole process of being a woman in the city, which is so fun because you don't know who you are until you are in the city. It is not really like going to school. It's more like, I want to be able to walk down the street and see this girl walking by me. And it is so amazing to be out in the world, and be able to talk to people, and make new friends, and just to realize that I am a woman. It is such a great feeling.

How did you get into dating girls from the Dominican Republic? I was living in the Dominican Republic when I was in high school and I had a friend who was a model. I would go to the model studio and he would go and do things for the models, which was great. But I was still a little bit of a nerd and I still had a weakness for comics and comic books. It was like, "What would be cool to do for a comic?" I was like, "Hey, I really want to do a story where we're both a couple of comics lovers. I'd just like to meet some people and get their opinion." And I was a really hard-nosed guy who was really into comics. I wasn't a natural at it, I just wanted to get involved and try it out. I remember one time he cupid number called me and said, "Hey, let's see if we can find some girls." I just laughed at him and said, "I don't do interviews." I don't interview. I don't talk about it. And that's how I met my peravia first girl from the Dominican Republic. A lot of guys get in touch with me through my Facebook and just be like, "Hey man. My girlfriend, she's a really cool chick. Can you just talk to her? Can you meet her?" Like a total stranger, he was like, "Yeah, sure. You want to meet her?" I was like, "Well, she said that she didn't want to be photographed so I wanted to see her." So I went to a cafe that dominican muslim was on the beach in Santo Domingo and I sat there, and I told the waitress that I was a tourist from the US. And then the waitress came up and she goes, "No, no. You are an American and we only have a guy who is a foreigner here." And then I got off the table, I got up from the table, I walked over and I handed her the phone. And she says, "You can talk to her." And then we went back to her apartment. And she invited me to stay with her, which was very cool. So I decided to go meet her because of the way that she had introduced me. So, like, I met her for breakfast in her apartment, we sat down, I ate breakfast with her. And I think she was like, "Yo, I'm not sure what you're going to do, but you're going to get to see her." And I said, "Yeah." And I left her apartment, and I walked down to the subway, and I went to the same subway stop as her and I just walked up the stairs, and then she came and met me.

What I wanted to know was, do you ever get to meet a girl for the first time? And the truth is that I never did.