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For a lot of us here on AO3, Aboresco was a place we went for a while back. We liked this small community of guys here, and this was a good example of the kind of people we found, where guys were great at talking to girls, girls were great at chatting with guys and there was a nice atmosphere around the bar.

Well, it all came to a close last week. On Sunday, I took a few friends over there to check it out, and it really wasn't a big deal. There weren't even any girls on the dance floor. We had a good time there. At about 9pm we got a call from the landlord, asking us to leave, because his girlfriend was in the other room, and wanted to check out the club. We got back to the hotel around 10pm and I went into the club. The club was big, really big. I had the feeling that a lot of people were probably going to watch us dance. It's a very big club, and it was in an old building, so it wasn't too hard to spot our group of girls from a distance. They were all there, and there was a girl at the back who was dancing very loudly. The club was really loud. We were dancing, having a good time. It's not that we didn't have a reason to get loud. We had all been out with a lot of friends and I had just spent the evening with my girlfriend. The reason we were dancing was because we were trying to impress our girls. There was a lot of fun and laughter happening there. At some point I looked over to see a girl dancing. She was doing a backbend and I saw she was smiling and the crowd of girls behind her looked on in awe of her. She was wearing a long dress that showed off her butt and I had seen a photo of her in it. I said "she is pretty," and she looked down and shook her head, "but not too much". I said "good, I am pretty too." And that was the last time we ever danced. But it was the only time I ever did that. It turned out her name was Evelina. I met her later that day at the beach and she looked exactly like me. We went to lunch and I was talking to her and she said "do you have a boyfriend?" I said "no" and she said "but you will find out soon". She gave me her number and we ended up making out. It was a really bad idea.

That's what's happening now. The guy who is not as popular and as popular as you, but just as hot and hot as you. If you're hot, he'll fall for you. If he falls for you, you're going to have to fuck him if you're going to keep your life together and make a living. This is how it is. But when you have a good guy, he'll have other girls, too. And he'll be able to find someone else. A guy like that is worth a lot of money, too. The only problem is, once he has the other girls, he has a pretty big problem on his hands, because he can't have them all. It's a long game. It's a race. If a guy falls for a girl, it means the end of his life. I was very sad to learn that one of the things I've said I never want to do is get my hands dirty with other people. I've also never said that I want to spend my life getting close to someone, or getting their love. This is why I was upset with a lot of my friends who said it's okay to have an open relationship, that they could find someone to share things with if they are interested, but they don't have to be involved in their lives. That's why I thought it would be better to be very open with my friends. And since I never have been involved in my life, it means I'm not doing it wrong, so it's ok to be in this. That was a big mistake, because it didn't really work out with any of my friends, because I'm a good friend. But it's not a big deal, because we all have friends who don't want to be involved with each other, and that's ok, and it's not my fault.

And the best thing about me being this way is that I am not a "chaser". I'm not trying to go after girls that want to have sex with me.